Alaska Young: Y'all smoke to enjoy it. I smoke to die.

Augustus Waters: So you're not the metaphorical type?



As a movie theatre worker I can tell you that, in the week that GOTG has been out, we have had more females come in with the sole intent of seeing the movie. I can’t tell you the amount of grown men coming in saying, “One to that, uhh… The galaxy movie.” And I bet you that some of those guys go about calling out girls for being fake geeks lmao

i dont know why this is getting notes but i’m glad it is

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"My Skin Treats"


Wow, this is so exciting! I’m so honoured to make the top 30! I’ve really enjoyed writing these posts and I’ll definitely carry on writing more

So, this challenge is about what I would write about as a Skin Intern, now my first post was about “My Skin Secret”, so how about I share “My Skin…